Pass Details:

Date of pass: August 22nd 2014
Client: Alex Moir


Alex, who lives near Abergavenny, successfully passed his test on August 22nd…Alex writes : When I first started the course I had no idea whether I would be able to learn to drive in a week, but after a couple of days I knew I was in good hands. Chris managed to throw me right in the driving seat and drive around the whole of Abergavenny on the first day, and I knew my manoeuvres by the end of the second day. By the end of the week I managed to to pass my test on my first try with only three minors!   Chris is dedicated, calm, patient and very understanding, picking up on flaws and helping you to get past them with ease, as well as great tips on how to deal with more difficult junctions and misshapen roundabouts and the MINI is a fun and and comfortable car to learn in.  Thanks again Chris, now I can drive to school instead of sharing a bus with sweaty and profane 14 year olds, and being able to independently drive wherever I want feels pretty sweet.

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