Pass Details:

Date of pass: 24/07/2013
Client: Daniel Reader-Powell


Daniel, from London, successfully passed his driving test on July 24th. Dan writes : Having spent over £100 pounds and four hours with a driving school in London waiting at traffic lights, or sitting in a queue I decided that hourly lessons were not for me and started to look for an intensive driving course. Having spent a lot of time in Wales I knew that the roads around Abergavenny are representative of many different types of road and the area is therefore perfect for “real” driving experience. So this is where I started my search for an instructor. Having found Chris’s school, ,booking was painless and hassle free. Driving around Abergavenny with Chris all week was a lot of fun. He’s a great guy and the instruction I received was excellent. Having returned to London, licence in hand, I have had no trouble adapting to the busy roads. I can wholeheartedly recommend learning to drive in this manner. In fact I have. Both my sister and my girlfriend will be booking with Chris as soon as they have worked out the dates.

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