Pass Details:

Date of pass: 19/06/2013
Client: Serena Leigh


Serena, from Pembrokeshire, successfully passed her driving test on June 19th. Serena’s mother wrote : My daughter has been trying on and off for 13 years to learn to drive. She failed 4 tests due to nerves on the day so she just gave up saying she wasn’t meant to drive. I found and after reading all the testimonials on the website I decided Chris Norman would be the right instructor to get her through her test once and for all. She started last Sunday and spent till Thursday with Chris going through all the things she wasn’t competent on. All the way through the week I could see she was gaining confidence and improving. Chris has a very thorough way of teaching and she was finally getting it together. She found the week mentally tiring but it was worth it because she passed her test on the Friday. A huge thank you to Chris for having the patience and belief in my daughter.

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