Below are a selection of testimonials from our pupils from previous years :

My daughter has been trying on and off for 13 years to learn to drive, she failed 4 tests due to nerves on the day and so she just gave up saying she wasn’t meant to drive. I found Learn to drive in a week and after reading all the testimonials on the website I decided Chris Norman would be the right instructor to get her through her test once and for all. She started on the Sunday and spent till thursday with Chris going through all the things she wasn’t competent on. All the way through the week I could see she was gaining confidence and improving. Chris has a very thorough way of teaching and she was finally getting it together. She found the week tiring but it was worth it because she passed her test on the Friday. A huge thank you to Chris for having the patience and belief in my daughter.

Sarah Ellis, Pembrokeshire – 24/06/2013

After over 2 years of on and off driving lessons, I had pretty much given up. Booking myself on this course was the scariest and best thing I could have done. The combination of 4 days intensive driving and Chris’s calm manner and unwavering faith in my ability to pass (despite my own very serious doubts) enabled me to pass my test! Thank you again, I would still be shakily attempting to combat my fear of rounabouts, slip roads and pretty much everything driving related if it weren’t for you!

Raffika Biggs, Herefordshire – 14/03/2013

Thank you so much for teaching our son to drive.He only had a short time to learn before going abroad and we were all delighted he both enjoyed the experience of learning with you and that he passed his test at the end of the week. The fact that he is now giving me advice is a sign of the confidence he has gained.

Margaret Smith, Monmouthshire – 06/12/2012

Chris has a fantastic manner when teaching people to drive. He is incredibly patient and teaches you in a very methodical way. I feel really confident in my driving ability because of the tutorage that Chris gave me.

Abergavenny is a brilliant place to learn. The scenery is stunning, the roads are not too busy and there is a good range of different types of road. Driving in Abergavenny gives you a good chance to learn how to approach different roads in a confident and concise manner.

I would recommend ‘Learn to drive in a week’ to anyone not only looking to pass their test but also to learn how to be safe and confident on the roads.

Andy Baker, Brentwood – 02/11/2012

Learn to drive in a week is absolutely fantastic. I had been trying to learn for about 3 years and found it so frustrating learning in London. The area of Abergavenny is a wonderful calm place to learn in and with the help of Chris I felt confident and like I knew what I was doing throughout the week. I can’t recommend him enough. Everything you need in an instructor can be found in Chris. His calm approach is so helpful and I really feel that with him I can now drive at a high standard and understand how the car works. The course is also exceptional value and learning in the MINI was great. Honestly if you need your to get your licence Chris Norman is your man.

Olivia Inwood, London – 02/10/2012

Hi Chris, just a short note to say a very big thank you for my weeks intensive driving course and getting me through my test on my first attempt. My goal has always been to learn to drive as soon as possible after my 17th birthday and with your support and effort I achieved this three weeks after my birthday. I would definitely recommend Learn to Drive in a Week, although you have got to be prepared for some serious hard work and dedication. Chris was well aware I didn’t function very well until after my first cup of coffee in the morning but he remained very patient, calm and professional throughout. It definitely was a brilliant week and I can’t thank Chris enough for giving me my independence. All the very best for the future and thank you once again.

Josh Lewis, Pontypool – 03/06/2012

I am so glad I decided to book myself into the ‘Learn to drive in a week’ Intensive Course with Chris Norman! I had been learning to drive on and off since I was 17. Two weeks before my 25th birthday I decided enough was enough – I really wanted my independence! I have to admit though in the back of my mind I wasn’t sure I could do it. I had very little confidence when it came to driving and I had been learning for so long that I couldn’t imagine myself as anything other than a learner.

Chris was brilliant though! He was incredibly patient and he gradually built up my confidence over the week. He really did prove to me that I could do it! On top of this he ironed out a lot of the bad habits I had picked up over the years. Chris makes it very clear that the most important thing, even above the test, is to become a competent and safe driver. You do not feel rushed through the course, and so, by the end of the week you really do realise that you have all of the necessary skills needed to be a good driver.

I really recommend this course and I cannot thank Chris enough for all the time and energy he put into the week. He has taken a huge weight off my shoulders!

Katherine Vaughan, London – 22/05/2012

Hi Chris, just want to thank you for all the effort you put in with my driving to get the result we did today. I would highly recommend you to anyone. Many, many thanks again.

Gavin Lewis, Merthyr Tydfil – 13/05/2012

I needed to learn to drive quickly so contacted Chris Norman and the week’s course was arranged, with lessons all day from Sunday to Thursday, with an hours lesson and the test on the Friday. First impressions of the new Mini One car were great, and Mr. Norman had exactly the right combination of friendliness, patience and quiet authority to inspire me with confidence that the intensive process was going to work. Driving all day was hard work, but made easier by Chris’s ability to pace his course and instil the skills necessary to be a safe and competent driver. I passed my test on the Friday with flying colours. If you want an intensive driving course from someone who will teach you to drive properly and pass your test I can’t imagine anyone better than Chris Norman. His driving tuition skills are nothing short of superb.

Ed Pearson, Forest of Dean – 18/02/2012

The week of learning with Chris was good, he tells you what you need to know and why it works (like turn in the road and more). He gives you 100% of his time from the minute you get in the car to when you leave. Thanks to his time and help I can now drive and have passed my test.

(Thank you so much for all your work with Lee, he is so much improved and keeps telling us how good you are at teaching driving – but we know that! .. Everild Haynes)

Lee Haynes, Ceredigion. – 20/09/2011

I attended learn to drive with Chris Norman last week. It had been 10 years since I last had lessons and I was very nervous about driving due to not having been very competent in the past. I needed my licence asap because I am soon to qualify as an electrician. After four days driving under Chris I not only felt confident in my driving but enjoyed it very much. I passed my test on Friday with very few minors and felt very comfortable even on the test itself. I would, and already have, highly recommend Chris to anyone seeking a driving licence. I can’t speak highly enough, thanks again!

Richard Morris, Abergavenny – 14/06/2011

I wanted to do an intensive course because with my work its hard to do regular lessons. I started 4 years ago in Germany to do my lessons but had to stop due to work. This year I said I’ll do it now and had a look on the internet for intensive courses. Then I came across Chris’s site and I thoght it would be right for me. So after I passed my theory test I called Chris and booked the course. Then on Sunday the 14th May I met Chris for the first time and we started on a more quiet road to drive and then built up slowly to the manouevres over the next few days. I have to say Chris is so calm and explains everything step by step which is really helpful. I just can recommend Chris to everybody. I would say Chris can teach nearly everybody in a week to drive. Thank you so much Chris for the wonderful week I will not forget it.

Mareen Schroer, Colerne, Wiltshire. – 31/05/2011

Being self-employed it was impracticable for me to learn to drive in the usual manner. Chris is very patient and calm throughout the week, which helps you to relax. Chris gave me confidence in my own abilities, allowing me to pass my test first time, after only getting into the drivers’ seat 5 days previously! Abergavenny has a very wide cross-selection of roads, which was great experience for wherever I drive in the future.

Mark Gray, London – 13/05/2011

I cannot praise Chris highly enough – one week intensive driving, followed by the test on Friday and my daughter passed with a clean sheet! Just brilliant and so painless. Many thanks for all your care and professionalism. Well worth the money.

Lindsey Wale, Swansea. – 01/12/2010

Having held a full motorcycle licence for over 20 years but never having learned to drive a car presented itself with it’s own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, Chris’s tenacity, clarity and encouragement proved to be the perfect combination to help me get to grips with four wheels and pass my test first time. It’s not an easy week by any means, with there being a lot of new information to take in and learn but I can only thank Chris for his patience and excellent tutoring – quite simply if you’re prepared to listen and learn there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for you.

Joel Uden, London – 11/11/2010

Thank you Chris for teaching me how to drive and improving my confidence so that I could take my test without letting my nerves screw it up! Before going to uni’ , I had failed my test twice and had no faith in my driving ability. Your tuition changed the way I looked at driving ; from something scary, difficult and infuriating to something manageable and even enjoyable. Thank you again, and I wish you every success for the future.

Natasha Watson, Bath – 31/10/2010

My husband and I want to thank you so much for your expertise in helping both our children learn to drive and pass their driving tests. Your patience and knowledge allowed two very different personalities to gain confidence and experience and become good and safe drivers. We could certainly recommend whole-heartedly your driving courses to anyone. Today’s roads are not for cissies and we know that our children have had a very good start with their driving skills. Many thanks again.

Susan and Michael Green, Llandewi Skirrid, Abergavenny. – 31/08/2010

After a 7 year break in driving lessons I decided the time was right to start back up again and have a look at what was on offer. Living in London meant that if I wanted to carry on where I left off ; taking one hour lessons per week at £25 a pop then it was going to be a long slow and pricey 6 months ahead. However when I found Learn to drive in week on google I thought “hey that doesn’t sound too bad” and lo and behold it even worked out cheaper. Following initial contact with Chris to make a booking I felt straight away I’d made the right decision and when I got to Abergavenny to start my first day’s driving this was confirmed as the town has just the right amount of traffic and diversity of roads that allowed me to make good progress over the week. As each day increases so does your confidence as Chris guides and advises, quickly building up the manoeuvres and tackling different junctions so by the time it came to day 5 things were clicking into place and fine tuning was all that was required. After a mock test the day before my actual exam we got the chance to tie up any loose ends and I went into the big day knowing I could do it. The days can be demanding but Chris didn’t just train me to pass a test; he actually taught me how to drive.

Stephen Queen, Ruislip, Middlesex. – 19/08/2010

I am delighted that both our sons have learnt so much from you. Both passed their tests, of course, but more importantly you taught them to drive safely, with awareness of other road users uppermost in their minds. They are much in demand as chauffeurs with our friends, and their little cars remain unblemished despite a great deal of London driving. Thank you Chris and keep up the good work!

Dr. Hervey Wilcox, Surrey – 20/07/2010

In 33 years of being a pedestrian, train passenger and keeping taxi drivers in business, I’d tried learning to drive four times. But self doubt and downright fear increased with every failed test and I became a professional non-driver. When a relative asked if I was ever going to bother, I thought I would make one last attempt and do an intensive course away from home so I couldn’t bail out. From my first contact with Chris he was professional and reassuring. Fair, patient and positive, I got used to being in the car and he encouraged me to drive as well as I could and take pride in good driving. I passed my test with only five minor faults at the end of February 2010 and six weeks later I got my own car. To say all this feels like a miracle is an understatement. I only wish I had done Chris’s course earlier.

Susan Dickerson, Colchester – 07/06/2010

At the beginning of the week, and before I started the course, I ‘knew’ that I wouldn’t be able to pass my driving test. I knew a bit about driving before I went on the course but I realised how much I hadn’t considered before by Chris telling me things, and driving for the majority of the day each day for a week. I learnt so much more, and there was no way I could have failed because by the end of the week I knew everything I needed to know and do to pass my driving test. We got my nerves out of the way the day before the test, if we hadn’t done that and Chris wasn’t so reassuring I don’t know what would have happened. I did pass, with three minor faults, which I was beyond pleased with. I never thought I would be able to do it, and cannot thank Chris enough for helping me become what he described as any excellent driver.

Emily Fitzgerald, Thornbury. – 12/05/2010

After 18 years of broken New Years resolutions I decided that 2010 was the year that I WAS going to learn to drive. I’d accepted a new job and was determined to pass in the the three months before I started. I found ‘Learn to drive in a week’ online and, after some lessons with a local instructor, I decided to give it a try. Chris is a great teacher (firm, but patient & good-humoured) who knew exactly what I needed and Abergavenny provides a stunning back-drop. Just remember to keep your eyes on the road, not on the scenery! The sessions were intense but after just one day I felt more confident on the roads and in my abilities, and after 3 days I passed with just a couple of minor faults. If Chris can get a 30-odd year old such as me to pass then I’m sure he can teach anyone!

Graham Trevitt, Slough – 07/03/2010

Chris Norman’s intensive ‘Learn to drive in a week’ course does exactly as it says on the tin. Although I had some previous driving experience, I had managed to to fail my test twice in London and was hoping for third time lucky. Fortunately, under Chris’ instruction I managed to pass with flying colours. Unlike many other driving instructors, Chris does not teach driving purely as a means to pass the test, but teaches driving for life. The course is intensive and not to be taken lightly. Prepare yourself for an exhausting but very worthwhile few days.

Emma Murray, London – 06/02/2010

There are so many intensive driving courses out there but some are better than others. I approached Chris primarily as he didn’t offer a guaranteed pass (suggesting just how down to earth he is) and that I knew the area had a large variety of roads within a compact area. I went along expecting a great deal and came away more than satisfied! Abergavenny is easy to settle in for a week and the roads threw up more than enough challenges to deal with. Chris (usually) kept calm throughout and somehow managed to replace my youthful exuberance with patience and pride in my driving that will remain with me for a long time yet. I even passed with a couple of minor faults for being over cautious! Thanks for a brilliant week Chris, I’d recommend you to anyone!

Phil Wilkinson, Dudley – 24/09/2009

After two failed attempts to pass my driving test in London, I realised the only way I was going to pass my was if I concentrated solely on driving every day. I get very nervous taking tests tests and Chris made me realise that there was nothing to be nervous about. I can drive and there is no reason to get nervous about large roundabouts, they are easy and made to keep traffic moving. Thank you Chris for all of your help you are a great instructor, I now feel I can go round roundabouts without any trouble. You helped me to realise that driving needs to be methodical with forward planning for the various situations you meet on the road.

Chris provided a comfortable and enjoyable environment to drive in. I have recommended Learntodriveinaweek to my friends. Abergavenny is a beautiful town with great friendly people in it, who are very welcoming to drivers.

Naomi Anderson-Eyles, London. – 02/09/2009

Learning to drive is one of those things in life you want to avoid but can’t wait to get the licence. I wasn’t a complete beginner having practiced with my father at home but Chris helped me understand the importance of driving safely and methodically, taking into account every potential hazard in the road while controlling the car effectively at all times. It is thanks to him I passed first time and learnt how to drive another car which was completely different to the one I have at home. He patiently instructed me whilst rinsing my bad habits and didn’t push me too hard when he knew I was getting tired. I would fully recommend him to any other learner driver, especially if like me you are preparing to do a MSc and/or other academic challenges and are really pushed for time. Thanks Chris! Now I can drive to my Imperial campus in style! No more long commutes in stuffed trains.

Borame Dickens, Thames Ditton – 14/07/2009

To be honest everyone thought I was never going to bother with my driving test, all my friends at college had already passed even though I had turned 17 first. After a strong recommendation from a friend I called Chris and booked a lesson. With some previous experience with tractors and motorbikes Chris helped me progress in the areas I needed to and showed me how little I really knew about driving safely and on the roads. At first I thought I would never pass but after the second lesson you could really see the difference in my driving and even I was shocked. Chris’s teaching style is perfect, it is simple, informative and friendly but also striving for perfection. I think what is unique is that not only does Chris teach you to pass your test (which most instructors do) but he also teaches you to drive safely and take a pride in your driving. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to stop my lessons for a 5 month period, on re-contacting Chris I passed in just over a week with only 3 ‘minors’! I don’t think I could have asked for anything more from Chris and I have recommended him to near enough everyone I know. Learning to drive with Chris was pleasureable (maybe not for him) and I enjoyed every moment. Thank you so much!

Isaac Frankklin, Cross Ash, Abergavenny – 12/02/2009

The main problem I had when trying to learn to drive was that there was always so much else going on in my life ; whether it was work or preparing to go to university, it all served as an unhelpful distraction. ‘Learn to drive in a week’ allowed me to set aside just one week in which I could focus purely on driving in the relaxing and beautiful surroundings of Abergavenny. Chris Norman, the instructor, really was an awesome person to have sat next to you in the car as you wind around the lanes for the first time. He could always break the process and maoeuvres down into simple little chunks that were easy to learn both theoretically and practically in the car, and when things got stressful or frustrating he always reacted in a positive manner which calmed the situation down immensely. I am not going to lie and say the course is easy because in reality it is quite hard work, but as long as you keep positive, determined, and listening to Chris throughout then there is no reason why you shouldn’t greatly improve your driving ability and achieve a good result.

Jonathan Worgan, Abergavenny – 06/01/2009

We were delighted with our son Christopher’s progress during his week with you. He knew the basic techniques beforehand, but you taught him to drive safely, with awareness of other motorists and pedestrians uppermost in his mind at all times. As a result he is the only 17 year old we know who drives like a responsible adult and his little car remains unblemished after several months driving.

Dr Hervey Wilcox, Surrey – 26/10/2008

Chris Norman is an extremely patient person who will get you test ready by the end of the week. Through his dedication and constant support you are able to push any bad habits or lapses of concentration out of the door. The one week course is hard work and can be draining but with Chris by your side he will ensure that you remain focussed. The location is ideal for learning to drive as it includes all types of roads which allows you to learn in a variety of conditions. The Mini is fantastic, a real joy to handle and ideal for a learner. The course was physically tiring but with Chris’s guidance you learn to be a focussed as well as independent learner. If you do follow Chris’s principles then there is no doubt that by the end of the week you’ll feel comfortable and ready for the test, as I was.

Duncan Pitt, Netherlands – 22/07/2008

When you think about the prospect of a week long intensive driving course, the one thing you need to be certain about is your instructor. When I signed up for Chris’s course, it wasn’t something I’d really thought about too much. One week later of driving all day every day I can safely say that Chris is an absolute star. He is patient, knowledgeable, and very easy to spend time with. He is also very funny and has a great car to learn in. During the week I spent in Abergavenny, all these attributes came together brilliantly and I found my confidence grew with every passing day. The course is hard work and I definitely had the occasional wobble along the way as you’d expect, but whenever I did Chris knew exactly how to get me back on the straight and narrow! He is calmness personified. I really enjoyed my week in Wales. The driving was great, in a brilliant car in some beautiful countryside. Chris was a legend and I really can’t thank him enough for making it all so painless. The proof of the pudding is the fact that I passed first time with Chris, having never taken a test before. All I can say is give it a go and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Tom Ransome, London. – 11/12/2007

Thanks to Chris Norman’s dedicated tuition I did indeed learn to drive in a week, passing my test on my first attempt. I was very happy with the course, as it suited me to dedicate a week to driving, rather than spending many months having lessons. Abergavenny was an ideal location, as by the end of the week I felt that I knew all the roads, and of course the scenery was beautiful. Chris worked hard to bring my driving up to test standard in only five days and his teaching was excellent. I am now enjoying my new-found freedom on the roads. Highly recommended!

Alex Stanley, Bristol – 01/11/2007

I chose an intensive course because I was working and wanted to be able to concentrate on driving as well as get through it and pass quickly. I was a little concerned that after an extended break I might have forgotten everything. Chris was an excellent teacher and really went the extra mile for me to give me the best chance of passing. I found that driving all day let you focus on your weaknesses and improve them quickly. I would recommend this course to anybody.

Matthew Adams, Portsmouth. – 21/10/2007

Although it is now several years since you tutored me to pass my driving test, I was pleased to hear that business is still going well for you and that you are now posting endorsments on your website, so I was very happy to provide one. I think the best advantage of intensive tuition such as your one week course is that it allows students to really focus on their driving and concentrate on the task on hand. It strikes me that this method of learning is particuarly useful for people who lead very busy lives and who might find it difficult to keep scheduling lessons once a week, if they have to keep juggling their diary in order to do it. When I served in the Territorial Army, if they wanted you to learn something important but new, they often sent you away on a course to concentrate specifically on it and the same principle applies here. You are a good instructor and I hope you will help many more students to pass in the future, as you did me.

Mark Francois, Member of Parliament for Rayleigh. – 13/10/2007

I began driving in October last year, but had been driving since I was 13 on our private road at home, so understandably, I was fairly confidant of passing soon after my birthday – this was put off by my participation in the Miss World Pageant – a month in Poland. As soon as I came back I started lessons with a local instructor. She attended to a few of my bad habits but my Mum could tell I was still not ready, and the hassle of trying to fit in the lesson every week was difficult with both of us missing many lessons.

As Miss Wales, I’ve become the face of Pass Plus Cymru, and so it became obvious that I must pass as soon as possible so I would be able to do my Pass Plus before my reign ended. So we sought out an intensive course and were lucky to find Learntodriveinaweek in Abergavenny only 20 minutes from my house! Chris picked me up from school, and I spent the afternoons driving. He didn’t give my bad habits a chance, ironing them out straight away, and my Mum noticed the difference in my driving instantaneously. I was surprised how my confidence grew, as after driving for so long, I wasn’t aware that I lacked the confidence of making fast decisions whilst driving. This was due to Chris’s reassurance when driving and constantly letting me know what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong, so I was never left in the dark, wondering if what I’d just done was good or bad driving.

I would honestly recommend Chris Norman’s school of driving to anyone as it was truly the best lessons I’ve ever had, and especially for the parents too as my Mum now feels no anxiety when I drive off somewhere to pick up my brother or run an errand. Plus the feeling of telling my friends I passed (when they all doubted my abilities) was amazing, with only 2 minors as well ! The only downfall is this; your going to end up wanting a Mini of your own!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you ! I’m still walking around with a huge grin on my face, and I’m giving a safe driving talk the week after next ! Your a star. Thank you again !

Sarah Fleming , Brecon. Miss Wales 2006-07 – 17/06/2007

After first taking my driving test when I was 17 and failing dismally my confidence was totally shattered and due to laziness I never really got round to thinking about driving again until last year (some 25 years later!!).

After being provisionally offered a job on the basis that I passed my test I decided to bite the bullet and take driving lessons. Having had experience previously of doing one hour lessons here and there I felt that I needed something more intensive, which is how I came to learn with Chris. From day one Chris eased my fears and helped me to get my confidence back. Of all the instructors I have had I can honestly say that Chris is the best – his relaxed attitude and helpful tips and hints were superb. If it had not been for Chris I would not be looking forward to starting my new job with a company car!

Even on my test itself the examiner said what a good instructor Chris is, which I think is the biggest compliment he can get!!

Bradley Vaughan, Burton on Trent – 09/05/2007

The Driving Course offered by Chris Norman at “Learn to drive in a week” was one of the best experiences I have had. He was very friendly and professional and made me feel relaxed and positive about driving – for the first time ever! The course was full-on but Chris made sure we took regular breaks, and always had positive feedback for me, which was important in getting the confidence required to drive well. I passed my test at the end of the course, and was really thrilled. I have already recommended this course to family and friends, and I am now enjoying driving in the knowledge that I am safe and confident. Thank you so much Chris.

Laura Stanton-Hope, Essex & Greece – 17/11/2006

Chris, thank you for helping me to pass my driving test. I now have my own car and a years no claims discount too! I’ve mentioned your course to several people, and would certainly recommend it, particularly to people like me, having had lessons on and off for a few years. I found the course very hard work, with some days going better than others. But I would say it is definitely worth doing and persevering with as your are such a great and patient instructor, and the concentrated driving practice is invaluable. Having had driving lessons in Leeds and Birmingham, to me Abergavenny is a great place to learn to drive and take a driving test – its a lovely small town, and after 5 days I became quite familiar with the routes which really helped in the test. Thanks to your course I passed my test, and I would do it all over again!

Helen Walker, Leeds – 21/10/2006

Learn To Drive In A Week are an exceptional driving school, my instructor really new his stuff. It was really cool learning to drive in such a great car. But most of all with such a great company doing the teaching. I was a little bit worried about learning to drive but my instructor was extremely patient. I passed first time, and in only five days! Learn To Drive In A Week don’t just teach you how to pass a test, they teach you how to really drive a car properly. The customer service was excellent, I phoned up only once and booked it, just like that! They dealt with everything, including my accommodation, which was first rate. The course is great value for money and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to pass a driving test without months of lessons.

Tom Levitt, Huddersfield – 16/10/2006

I attended the Learn To Drive In A Week course in August 2006, having had only about ten lessons some years before. To be honest, I was doubtful that I would be able to pass my test at the end of a week – it seemed like an impossible goal! But Chris Norman, the instructor, broke down each day into manageable chunks, which not only made it easier to learn but also made me feel more confident in my driving. It was still a steep learning curve and I had to work very hard, but with each day of tuition, I felt that I progressed. Chris was also very patient when I got stressed or frustrated – and it can’t be easy to remain calm when you are stuck in a car with someone who has issues with roundabouts for six days! But when I took my test at the end of the week, amazingly, I passed first time. I was absolutely delighted. I also felt that the week long course was ideal for me as I work full-time and had previously found it hard to fit in driving lessons around my work commitments.

Joanna Quinn, journalist, Bristol – 01/09/2006

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again Chris, you were excellent with Casey and Ian and I feel that this made all the difference to his passing so quickly, the money (which incidentally was much cheaper than here in Surrey) was well worth the spend. Also the way you kept Casey feeling positive each day about his driving, Casey’s first statement to us returning back on day one of driving was “what a nice man to be learning with Mum”. Thank you Chris for giving the skill of driving to our son which has changed his life in an incredibly positive way. We would not hesitate to recommend you to all others and feel that booking the weeks intensive driving course was a great choice.

Ian and Hayley Dyer, Epsom – 04/08/2006

I had previously experienced the despair of my elder son having to take 7 tests to get a full driving licence, although he was an excellent driver. He thought he would never get his licence. I wanted to avoid the same thing happening when my younger son started to drive. We were recommended by a friend to to try an intensive driving course approach where a learner driver spends a week on a one-to-one basis with the instructor, driving around the test course and the town where the test will take place. I searched the internet and found Chris’s website “learntodriveinaweek”. For me it was ideal – close to my son’s school and the test centre was a town where the pass rate was higher than the national average. My son had a few lessons to establish his level of competence and then after he finished his A levels he embarked on this intensive course with Chris. He enjoyed Chris’s thorough instruction and preparation. He also enjoyed driving a Mini One!! He felt confident that he would pass. One week later he took his test and bingo passed first time! For us it was an immense relief and it meant he was able to to take his car with him when he went off to a rural university at the age of 18. The cost seems a lot in one session but compared to my other son – lessons for 18 months and 7 tests it was actually half the cost. Both my son and I would recommend this approach. However, it is important afterwards for a new driver, who has only driven mostly on an intensive course, to acclimatise themselves to all road situations in a calm and supervised way after passing as they have the technique but have not had the life experiences of a driver who has driven for 18 months or so on a provisional licence experiencing different weather conditions, levels of light and dark, road surfaces and driving styles, etc. That is where Pass Plus is also worth considering.

Dr Sara Westwood, Hampshire – 07/07/2006

With a new job to start in the New Year with weird and wonderful shifts I had to pass my driving test. Chris was a great teacher and with 7 days driving over two visits I then passed my test. Chris was patient with me as I got tired and moody through the demanding nature of the course and he was able to see the good in what I had done even when I thought it was rubbish so I had something to build on. Thanks Chris it was great. PS James and I have bought a new Balingo and I drove to Brighton and back via Bristol all on my owm!! I felt great.

Portia Wilson, Builth Wells – 23/12/2005

After 6 months of lessons here and there and the constant anxiety of being let down by instructors I decided to take an intensive course to speed things up! After some research on the internet I found “learntodriveinaweek”. I was happy with the setup and prices so took the week off work and headed down to Wales. I had 4 days of intensive lessons (6 hours a day) and the test on friday which, thankfully, I passed!! I found Chris a friendly guy with a genuine passion for his job and Abergavenny is a beautiful and relaxing place to be. I would highly recommend “learntodriveinaweek” to those wanting to pass their test quicker than most.

Ben Maxfield, Kent – 09/12/2005

From our very first contact wit Mr.Norman we were very impressed. The efficient and helpful way that he handled our enquiry and subsequent booking extended all the way through to the completion of the course. Our son Nick was a complete beginner and, in the course of just one week he learned to drive very well ; being a complete beginner was helpful as he didn’t have any bad habits to unlearn. He took his test on the final day of the course and passed first time with only two minor faults noted. We plan to enrol our younger son on the same program next summer when he turns 17 and, like our older son, will enrol him on the program as a complete novice. I think the program represents good value when you compare it to other similar offerings and the cumulative cost of weekly lessons spread over several months.

Nigel Brackenbury, Japan – 26/07/2005

This course was my 17th birthday present from my parents. Since then my life has changed considerably. I was able to manage my Dad’s window cleaning round and have had so much more freedom, independence and wider horizons. Now 2 years on I work for a large car valeting company and drive a huge selection of vehicles which is only possible now I have my licence. I started the course with no previous experience, at the same time a relative started weekly lessons. The course was very intense and I progressed from quiet country roads to towns in the Brecon Beacons, which is a beautiful part of the country. I drove for 7 hours each day for 5 days with one to one instruction throughout. We went over every aspect of driving until I got it down to a tee. I had a mock test on my final day of driving which prepared me for the test the following morning which I passed with only ’1 minor’ mark against me. I am now a very confident driver and I got through the whole thing in just 5 days. My relative took 10 months to pass from start to finish. The accommodation was great and the instructor, Chris, was a really friendly, professional and patient man, whom I will never forget. The course was perfect for me as I was keen to get my licence, and comparing it to 1 lesson a week for several months it was worth every penny. A totally memorable experience.

Dean Wheeler, Manchester – 15/11/2004

I had already passed my theory test and wanted to learn for and take the practical test during my summer holidays. Learntodriveinaweek was ideal for this as the name suggests and, since it is based in Wales, had just a two week wait for the practical test – a relief when one is used to huge booking times in the south of England! Chris organised full-board accommodation for me with the extremely friendly owners of a local B&B. He was very professional in his approach, taught with a pleasant manner in a nice new Mini and struck me as someone with an abundance of experience in the field. Having lived in the local area, he knew all the best places to practise for the different elements of the test and was able to give me area-specific tips for the exam. It was hard work for six days, but I enjoyed it and think it was worth it – I am still driving happily and safely well over two years after the test!

Cyril Mitkov, Henley-on-Thames – 21/08/2004